• Lizzie Knockton

ThreeZero12 - Majorca retreat for Style for Soldiers

Last week was ThreeZero12 first retreat, and what a week it was. The idea behind this specific retreat came over a year ago when both Stu and I were going through a very difficult time. The stress following his injury and everything surrounding it had well and truly taken its toll. We both suffered with regular stints of depression, anxiety and a general lack of motivation for anything, resulting in the need for us both to step back and take some time out. We knew that some form of holiday would be needed in an attempt to reset but with me thinking along the lines of a yoga retreat and Stu about his bike (both means of escape for the two of us) we came to a cross road. We settled on a holiday on a beach, which was great, however it gave us a lot of thinking time, something of which was not hugely beneficial considering our circumstance at the time.

It was at this point when the idea came about, we thought how great it would be to offer a place where individuals who had been injured, could come away with their partner (those who are equally important in the journey to recovery but tend to sit back and stay strong) to have the opportunity to relax and engage in a variety of activities. The one thing that has always been a constant for the two of us is our love of sports and fitness and just how powerful it has been to help us through our more difficult days and we wanted to utilise this experience in order to help others.

We were very fortunate to have the backing of Emma Willis' wonderful charity 'Style for Soldiers', in which we were able to take away 13 individuals, a mix of WIS (Wounded, Injured and Sick) personnel, partners and friends. We offered them the opportunity to take a break from life, spend some quality time together and around others in a similar circumstance, along with the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities from yoga, Pilates, circuits, cycling, golf, paddle boarding and more. The aim for the activities was to provide a safe and relaxed environment in which those with or without injury could try, assist with their recovery and give them ideas of activities they could maintain when returning home. It was a truly special week for Stu and myself and felt like such a huge achievement considering where we both were only a year previously.

A big thank you to everyone involved and who supported us in organising this.

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