Sports Recovery

What does this mean to us?

Utilising sports and/or fitness as a means to overcome injury, disability or illness.

What is the relevance of this?

We have both had personal experience of how valuable sports and fitness can be as a tool to recover from physical and mental health difficulties and it is for this key reason ThreeZero12 was started in the first place


How does it work?

Stuart and Lizzie will carry out an initial assessment to identify key goals, areas of difficulty and the most appropriate options for that individual. We pride ourselves on taking a very holistic approach encompassing both physical and mental wellbeing.

Who do we work with?

We are working with a wide range of civilian, military, ex-military individuals from generalised back pain through to those who have suffered traumatic injury.

One of the key things we have identified through our own experience is that injury, disability and illness not only affects the individual directly involved but it affects the friends and family around them. We therefore encourage family and friends to be involved with the process too, as sometimes they need the release through exercise, just as much as the individual themselves.

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